A specifically blended, non-hydraulic* binder, designed to be mixed on site with good quality local sands.

Using Adcote gives a much more workable and controllable sand based plaster for those jobs where a plumb, floated and ruled plaster system is

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Limecote is a universal lime plaster based on a very successful medieval recipe. We know it's successful because buildings using the recipe still exist today. Limecote is non-hydraulic, breathable, extraordinarily flexible, and sustainable.

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Limecoat Bag


Warmcote is a lightweight, breathable, insulated lime plaster. It has been developed to offer insulation for traditional, historic buildings. Warmcote can make a significant improvement to the living environment of your home.

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Warmcoat Bag


Rendercote is a two product system, designed to cope with high exposure environments, such as chimneys, plinths and parapet walls. Based on our best understanding of the mix used for the beautiful heavy relief stucco work at Hardwick Old Hall.

Rendercoat Bag

ProBead Bellcast/Drip Bead

Bellcast/Drip Beads form and protect the lower edge of the render. Bellcast/Drip Beads are designed to assist with finishing render at DPC level and above window heads to throw off rain water.

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Lime Wash

Dry-mix Best of Lime Lime-wash, with Silsan breathable water repellent. A natural and breathable lime-wash mix, designed to be low carbon, sustainable, no nonsense and user friendly.

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Patchcote is a plaster repair kit for internal and external use. It is perfect for small repairs to lime plaster and any pre 1920s building for anyone wishing to use a low carbon, sustainable product rather than a modern filler.

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Patchcote lime plaster repair kit product packaging

ProBead Angle/Corner Bead

Angle Beads are used with render and plaster where a sharp arris is required and to create smooth clean rendering lines to all corners and returns.

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ProBead Stop Bead

Stop Beads are used with render and plaster at junctions of walls, soffits, ceilings and surrounds to openings. Stop Beads are designed to finish and protect render/plaster edges.

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Rendering Mesh

Our rendering mesh is made from strands of woven fiberglass, and is designed to be embedded into the wet basecoat of the render to provide a strengthening layer. The mesh is alkali resistant and helps to stabilise surfaces. 

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Savolit P010 Adhesive

Savolit P010 Adhesive - For bonding longitudinal and transversal joints of Savolit boards. 

Coverage (approx): 15/m2 per tube.

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Savolit Plus

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Savolit Plus

Savolit Washers

Polypropelene washer 60mm diameter with a 5mm hole in the centre.

Quantity: 100 per box.

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Scrim Tape

Scrim tape is used to cover joints in plasterboards before plastering commences - the scrim tape will give a flush finish to the drywall system leaving no gaps for a smooth surface.

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Roll of Scrim Tape

Thermafleece CosyWool – Sheep's Wool Roll

Rich in British sheep's wool - easy to install between and over joists, ideal
for floors and lofts
Thermafleece CosyWool Roll is versatile insulation rich in British sheep's wool and is the
ideal choice if you are looking for all round performance and value for money.
Thermafleece is made from 75% British Wool and 25% recycled polyester. Research
shows that using 75% wool in combination with recycled fibres outperforms alternative
products with a higher percentage of wool. Our wool rich blend ensures you get the full
benefit of sheep’s wool with enhanced performance, breathability, durability and
Thermafleece CosyWool Roll's convenient compressed form reduces transport impacts
by more than 50% compared to other natural fibre insulation and makes it ideal for
quick and easy installation. Once unpacked, it regains its original thickness to provide
excellent thermal and acoustic performance.

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Wooden Laths

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Angle of a wall clad in wooden laths


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Just wanted to say how fantastic your patchcoat product was to use. We have an 18th century farmhouse that we are renovating and after old skirting was removed, large patches of plaster and some brick surface came away. Put patchcoat on yesterday and it looks fantastic. So easy to mix and handle, was able to build up a broken corner by hand and mould to shape, yes still easy to put a skim coat on the shallower areas. Plus two litres of filler for £9.50 is incredible value. Will definitely be getting another tub of this as we move through the house, would use it over any other filler without hesitation. Thank you.

Peter Howie
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"Limecote and Warmcote are ideal products for use on timber framed buildings and low strength substrates with their excellent flexibility, bond, and light weight compared to sanded plasters. Being dry bagged makes it easy to transport and store, with the added advantage of being able to adjust the mix to suit thin or very thick coats without compromising the product, or the quality of the finished work."

Roy Cafferty
Traditional Plastering Services
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"Best Lime plaster system on the market!! I found this accidentally due to the coronavirus pandemic as stocks of everything ran out, and it's changed the way all of the plasterers in our area are now plastering conservation listed buildings as well as new builds... due to its unique formula and characteristics of extremely quick application, drying, workability and breathability. It's rare to find such a great product and more importantly a great level of customer service in the build industry."

Murray Smith

Why choose Best of Lime?

The Best of Lime materials
At Best of Lime, our traditional lime plaster products are developed under the strict rule that they must be the best of what is available. We continuously listen to and evaluate feedback from specifiers and contractors as to how certain materials perform, both on site and long term.
Our lime plasters, manufactured by us on site in rural East Anglia, are sustainable, environmentally friendly building materials which tick all the requisite conservation and green boxes. We have yet to find anything that they won't stick to, including bricks, wooden lath, straw bale, and stone.
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