Warmcote™ is a lightweight, breathable, insulated traditional lime plaster mix for internal or external use.

Breathable | Lightweight | Flexible | Sustainable

Warmcote™ has been developed to offer insulation for traditional, historic buildings where the use of modern systems would be inappropriate and potentially damaging.

Used in conjunction with sustainable, breathable boards such as cork, wood fibre or sprayed hemp, Warmcote's traditional lime plaster mix can make a significant improvement to the living environment of a home, as well as reducing the energy bill and the carbon footprint. The original drive behind its development was to offer some thermal benefit to traditional 'hard to insulate' buildings, particularly timber framed buildings where it may be aesthetically undesirable to apply boards to the exterior. It is breathable, flexible, very lightweight and can be applied at practically any thickness. The best achieved so far is 8" in two passes. Warmcote™ is incredibly useful if you are making good, damaged clay lump, cob, masonry or daub.

Warmcote™ is made with lightweight minerals as the aggregate in place of sand. The results of testing so far put the Lambda value of Warmcote™ at around 0.140 W/mK. That is about four times more thermally efficient than a standard lime plaster, and seven times better than sand and cement. For more information about the applications of Warmcote™ for your project, contact Best of Lime today.

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For more information on how Warmcote™ could suit your project, contact Best of Lime today.

Learn how to mix our lime plasters


Warmcote™ is a dry ready mixed non hydraulic lime plaster for internal or external use. It is packaged in 25kg recyclable LDPE bags.

MIXING: Pour no more than 15 litres of clean water into a mixing tub. Gently add Warmcote™, mixing with a plasterer's paddle. Do not add all of the dry plaster at once, bring gradually up to the required consistency.

If necessary, add more water. There is no 'right or wrong' amount of water to add, it can be used at whatever consistency best suits the job, be it thinned down for spraying, or thick enough to hand trowel. Once the Warmcote™ is uniformly mixed, gently add all the fibres from the small bag and mix thoroughly. Ensure that the background is clean and free from loose and friable material. Lightly damp down, avoiding a film of water on the surface. Warmcote™ can be used for the full thickness of plaster from dubbing out to a polished finish in one, two or multiple coats on most backgrounds. It also works very well as a scratch coat beneath a Limecote™ finish. We would not recommend its use as a finish coat on timber frames or backgrounds where background movement is a factor.

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Caution: Calcium Hydroxide is an IRRITANT.
  • Causes serious eye damage
  • Causes skin irritation
  • May cause respiratory irritation
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Wear protective gloves, eye and face protection
  • If in eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes and immediately call for medical advice
  • If on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water
  • Avoid breathing dust. If inhaled, remove the affected individual to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing

There is NO minimum order quantity for Warmcote™. For orders of no more than 4 bags we can send them in individual boxes, via APC. We can deliver to most of the UK. The cost is generally governed by the number of packages. Anything of 5 bags or more would go onto a pallet, up to a maximum of 40 bags per pallet (1 tonne). This will be a tail lift delivery, effectively dropped at the kerb/lorry side where safe.

Please advise us of any special delivery instructions, as we will not be held responsible for any issues arising at the delivery point. The drivers will work with you to get your pallet delivered safely and effectively. Pallet delivery costs are priced per pallet and are postcode driven, and we can offer additional services such as AM delivery and timed delivery. All are chargeable extras. This is a service that we pass on the cost that we pay - we do not make any money out of this service, and we do not charge for the pallets. The other option is collection from us in Haverhill: again, this needs to be booked in.

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"Thanks,, I'm fully converted now 👍 won't be using lime putty for a while that's for sure, much better finish compared to what I've been using for the past 8 years or so, and peace of mind that it doesn't crack, lighter, less mess, no binding in needed.

I was also pleasantly surprised about how far it goes per bag 👍 definitely a game changer for me, will be back next week sometime for some more."


John Thompson
Limelight Restoration
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"Used their product Patchcote on my timber framed house for some repairs.

Really easy to mix, apply and finish.

Left-over product was just as pliable 3 days later, it can be left sealed inside the container supplied, after mixing, for up to a year!

Best product I’ve worked with!!"

Geoff Morland
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"Limecote and Warmcote are ideal products for use on timber framed buildings and low strength substrates with their excellent flexibility, bond, and light weight compared to sanded plasters. Being dry bagged makes it easy to transport and store, with the added advantage of being able to adjust the mix to suit thin or very thick coats without compromising the product, or the quality of the finished work."

Roy Cafferty
Traditional Plastering Services

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At Best of Lime, our traditional lime plaster products are developed under the strict rule that they must be the best of what is available. We continuously listen to and evaluate feedback from specifiers and contractors as to how certain materials perform, both on site and long term.
Our lime plasters, manufactured by us on site in rural East Anglia, are sustainable, environmentally friendly building materials which tick all the requisite conservation and green boxes. We have yet to find anything that they won't stick to, including bricks, wooden lath, straw bale, and stone.
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