Welcome to the Best of Lime

At Best of Lime we provide products that are sourced especially for listed buildings. They are developed under the strict rule that they must be the best of what is available. This might not mean the cheapest but we are continuously listening to and evaluating feedback from specifiers and contractors as to how certain materials perform, both on site and long term.

Our lime plasters, manufactured by us on site in rural East Anglia, are sustainable, environmentally friendly building materials, which tick all the requisite conservation and green-boxes. They are breathable, low- carbon materials suitable for eco-build, Listed and Historic properties, new-builds and anyone interested in reducing the overall carbon impact of their building project.

Practically any background

We haven’t found anything yet that they won’t stick to. This includes bricks, blocks, wooden and metal lath, straw bale, plasterboard, wood fibre, wood-wool, old plaster, clay blocks, daub, clay lump, cob and any stone including flint!

Mixes in under five minutes, just add to water

No need for prolonged mixing times or banking material up days or weeks in advance of a job. Simply put the water in the tub, add the fibres, stir briefly then add Limecote or Warmcote and whisk to the required consistency. There is no right or wrong water addition, both plasters can be used wet enough to go through a spray or thick enough to be hand placed like modelling clay.

Virtually any thickness

Both products have zero shrinkage, so can be used to dub out to practically any depth. Our lime plasters can be put on easily in multiple 25mm coats.

Trouble Free

No more having to remain on site or make costly journeys back to site to ‘tend to’ or spray your plaster. Once you’ve achieved the finish you are happy with, that’s it, Limecote and Warmcote will set without shrinkage.