Welcome to Best of Lime Ltd, World leading innovators in lime plasters, renders and plastering products.

At Best of Lime Ltd, we have three Driving Passions:

The Conservation of our Built Heritage

Our lime plasters are based on medieval plaster recipes. We can calculate their success because similar lime renders that were used in medieval times still exist today.


Environmental Sustainability

Our lime plasters are sustainable and environmentally-friendly. They are breathable and low-carbon, suitable for eco-build, listed and historic properties.

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Not only do our traditional lime renders look beautiful, they also allow moisture to transfer, as vapor, through the buildings fabric, improving living conditions.

Lime allows the free transport of moisture vapour through the fabric of the building (breathability).

This halts decay, reduces the unpleasant accumulation of condensation and damp and improves the air quality making your home or workplace a more energy efficient, healthy, pleasant place to live and work.

The re-absorption of Carbon Dioxide by lime plaster, the lower embodied energy in the manufacture, the unique finished beauty, all make Best of Lime Ltd products the natural choice for listed and historic buildings, sustainable new-build or anyone that cares about their environment and wants to do things differently.

Our Products


Limecote is a universal lime plaster, based on a very successful medieval recipe. We know it’s successful because buildings using the recipe still exist today. Limecote is non-hydraulic, breathable, extraordinarily flexible and sustainable.

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Warmcote is a lightweight, breathable, insulated lime plaster. It has been developed to offer insulation for traditional, historic buildings. Warmcote can make a significant improvement to the living environment of your home.

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Rendercote is a two product system, designed to cope with high exposure environments, such as chimneys, plinths and parapet walls. It is based on our best understanding of the mix used for the beautiful heavy relief stucco work at Hardwick Old Hall.

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Knowledge Base

Lime Render Surface Guide

Brick: Use Limecote as a finish coat over Warmcote. trowel apply and finish with a flexible trowel or flexible blade such as Speedskim. Block: As above, if the blocks are lightweight (3.6N or less), wet in well, to reduce suction. Always try a sample first to test the adhesion/bonding strength. Stone Rubble: If the intension…

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A Winter Guide to Lime Renders

In an ideal world, working with lime mortars and renders would take place in conditions not too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry. Unfortunately the British climate and the programme driven modern building industry doesn’t allow for this and work sometimes has to be carried out at times of year and in conditions…

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Welcome to Best of Lime

At Best of Lime we provide products that are sourced especially for listed buildings. They are developed under the strict rule that they must be the best of what is available. This might not mean the cheapest but we are continuously listening to and evaluating feedback from specifiers and contractors as to how certain materials…

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